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for your indiviual web content.
Individual Programming
in html css php javascript mysql
hosted on linux debian buster 10 servers

.01 webservice & application

requirements change

we forge building blocks and interfaces to optimize your existing site. mostly its the best agreement, manageable with costs and time

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.02 we are spezialized

catching data from well thought out webforms, processing and delivering to the need in no time. the advantage is a time saving integrated up to date solution and high usability

our strengths are reflected in small and medium-sized projects. we powerful optimize existing systems, with mainly database and server-side solutions

our clients are form all kind of sports and events area, gastronomy, providers in the traffic area. gathering data from members or employees and processing the data

.03 Contact Info

4ty.one is a partner of TAEK.LI Pascal B√úCHEL

Im Scherer 5 FL-9491 Ruggell
Mobile: +41 78 818 48 40
Email: info AT 4ty.one


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